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Neighborhood Paths

「NEIGHBORHOOD」は大きく3つのパートに分かれている。「brazil Feel」はタンボリンのサンバのリズムで始まる。5小節と2拍後にリズムが裏返りパウチードアルトというリズムになる。




中盤の「Irish Feel」パートでは引き継いだメロディーを何と11回転調した後に一番アイルランドらしい調子になる。最初のテンポ→二拍三連の4分音符に、というタイムモジュレーションを指定した。


「BalkanFeel」のパートは31拍子(=9+9+9+4)。三つ続く9拍(=2+2+2+3) はトルコではカルシラマ、ブルガリアではダイチョボと呼ばれるポピュラーなリズム。これにアルバニア・セルビア、ブルガリアで見られる25(=7+7+7+7+4)拍子の感じを当てはめた。




NEIGHBORHOOD is divided into three main parts. Brazil Feel" begins with a samba rhythm on a tambourine, and after five bars and two beats, the rhythm flips over to a Partido Alt rhythm.

The instrument resembling a tambourine being played at the end is a pandeiro. It is a percussion instrument used in Brazil along with the tambourine. However, the melody is industrial.

The next melody comes in here, which is different and bright.

In the middle part of the song, "Irish Feel," the melody is transposed 11 times before it becomes the most Irish tone. I specified the time modulation from the first tempo to two-beat triplet quarter-note.

The "BalkanFeel" part has 31 beats (=9+9+9+4). The three consecutive nine beats (= 2+2+2+3) are a popular rhythm called "karşilama" in Turkey and "dichovo" in Bulgaria. The 25 beats (=7+7+7+7+7+4) found in Albania, Serbia, and Bulgaria were applied to this rhythm.

The musicians are really great technicians. They are really amazing.

I walked around the neighborhood, humming with a frowning look on my face as I worked on this piece. (Yoshida)

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